[Austria] Loving Hut Inn Wins PETA’s Progress Award-2011.08
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Loving Hut Inn Wins PETA’s Progress Award

By Austria News Group (Originally in German)

[Carinthia] In August, Golden Year 8 (2011), Austria’s first vegan inn, Loving Hut, located in the southeast of Carinthia on Lake Klopein received the distinguished People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Germany Progress Award 2011 for being the country’s “Most Animal-Friendly Inn.” The Proggy or “Progress” Awards celebrate advancement for animals in economics, culture, science and diet, as well as assist in creating more compassion and respect for animals in society.

The Progress Award 2011 given by PETA Germany
Loving Hut Inn’s philosophy is not to use any animal products whatsoever: from the feather-free bedding in the rooms to the faux-leather sofas in the lounge and the 100% plant-based fare at the hotel buffet. PETA states that “Loving Hut” shows many who are not yet vegan that an animal-friendly lifestyle can be diverse and delicious. In addition, the vegan inn spares countless animals a life of torture in factory farms.

Since its opening, guests at Loving Hut have been giving enthusiastic reviews. They are especially pleased that not only is the cuisine fantastic, but that healthy, vegan food is also available for their canine companions. One customer commented, “The rooms have such a wonderful, friendly atmosphere that you simply have to feel good here. And also everything is very, very clean and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Klopein. It’s really a place that I can recommend to everyone for their vacation.” Another said, “It’s a paradise and I really must emphasize again: Everything without animal suffering! That’s the most important thing for us!”


Canine guests enjoy the wonderful services at the Loving Hut Inn.
To receive the Award, one of our Association members from Germany visited the PETA Germany office and was warmly welcomed by Ms. Kutscher and the second chairman Mr. Ullmann. Both expressed the importance of veganism and mentioned that Loving Hut Inn is not only a great vacation spot for veg heads, but also a terrific place for non-vegetarian/vegan people to get to know more about this compassionate way of living. Our representative also had the chance to have a little tour through the PETA Germany office to see the exciting work that they do, and was greeted by all their staff members including two very playful vegan dogs.

The staff at Loving Hut Inn felt very honored and delighted to receive such a prestigious award and was greatly encouraged to continue spreading the vegan message. We also thank PETA for their tireless efforts, and are deeply grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her great inspiration to work toward the noble ideal of World Vegan and World Peace!