Vegan of the Year Awards 2014
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Vegan of the Year Awards

This year saw a record number of nominations across all categories including the main category of overall winner of Vegan of the Year 2014. It is a brilliant indication that veganism is becoming more widespread and particularly…

This year, our Vegan of the Year award winners are philanthropists – two extraordinary, noble souls who share their intelligence, wisdom and financial resources with unconditional generosity, willingness and compassion. But they are both so much more than generous people; they are the change-makers, the leaders at the very pinnacle of the vegan movement, blazing a path of greater awareness through their powerful advocacy and far-reaching humanitarian initiatives around the globe…

Introducing the winners of the Vegan of the Year Award, 2014:

The Supreme Master Ching Hai and Philip Wollen OAM

The Supreme Master Ching Hai is an artist, spiritual teacher, philanthropist, author, environmentalist, film director and humanitarian. She advocates the organic vegan diet as the fastest, most effective way to solve the world’s climate, water, deforestation and other crises. Supreme Master Ching Hai created Supreme Master Television, an online and satellite television station that broadcasted constructive news, including interviews with prominent vegans from all corners of the globe, and many other programs that showcase the vegan lifestyle. She is also the founder of the Loving Hut chain of vegan restaurants. The Supreme Master Ching Hai is also well known for her charitable work for people and animals in need worldwide, and for her global disaster relief efforts, her teams often being the first to the front-line with practical and financial help in times of emergency and natural disasters.

For more information about The Supreme Master Ching Hai and her work, see:


Philip Wollen is a venture capitalist for good causes. His powerful speeches have touched the hearts and minds of countless people worldwide and as a result he has profoundly affected the way people regard animals. He has lent the considerable might of his personal and business reputation to the animal rights cause. His brilliant and emotive speeches, given generously and freely around the globe, have enormous impact often inspiring immediate and dramatic positive change. Recently, in India, he presented talks to the CEOs of companies with hundreds of thousands of employees (with one company having over one million employees), after which many of the CEOs were so touched that they vowed to serve vegetarian meals to all of their employees. In Australia, he supports a multitude of NGOs by providing office space and facilities at Kindness House in Melbourne. Worldwide, he finances and supports a range of humanitarian projects. Together with his wife Trix, they are a formidable force for good in the world, hastening the arrival of a vegan world for all.

For more information about Philip Wollen and his work, see:…

Outstanding Vegan Restaurant:


        Loving Hut Hoa Dang (Saigon, Vietnam)

        Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher (Sydney, Australia)

        Smith & Daughters (Melbourne, Australia)

        Vegan Buffet (Hamilton, New Zealand)

        Boon Burger (Manitoba, Canada)

        Modern Love (Omaha, NE, USA)

        Loving Hut (Menton, France)


… 今年有破記錄多的提名… 非常明亮的徵兆著純素正在廣泛地成為主流文化…

 今年最傑出純素食人士大獎的得獎者都是博愛的慈善家 – 







菲力.屋倫先生 (Philip Wollen OAM) 澳大利亞勳位獎章


愛家國際餐飲 (越南 西貢)

愛家國際餐飲 (法國 蒙頓)