[France] Loving Hut Menton, France won the Vegan of the Year 2012 Awards
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The winners of the Vegan of the Year Awards have been announced on

The Vegan of the Year Awards 2012:

Outstanding Vegan Restaurant:

Asia: Veganburg - Singapore

Oceania: From Earth and Water (Gold Coast, QLD) and Sadhana Kitchen (Newtown, NSW)

Highly Commended: IKU (Sydney, NSW), 20,000 Cows (Lismore, NSW) and Bliss Organic Cafe (Adelaide, SA)

U.K/Europe: Loving Hut - Menton, France

USA: Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park, LA)

Highly Commended: Cafe Gratitude (LA), Spiral Diner (Dallas) and Vegetarian House (San Jose).

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